What is URL Shortening?

The basics of url shortening

A url shortener is used to convert long URLs to a shorter friendlier version of a given url. The shortened url version is practical, easier to remember and shareable on blogs, social networks or anywhere that accepts a short url. A URL shortened service usually gives the user some type of ability to track the amount of clicks that are associated with the shortened url as this is important especially for content sharers.

Advantages of url shortening

The main advantage of shortening your url is that it is shorter and easiere to remember. Not of great importants, but yet obvious is that a shortened url can obsquere the original url and this can be of some advantage or disadvantage to some.

Some social networks do not like shortening of urls and some refuse that they be used, this is due to abuse of the shortening url service and unfortuantely not anything one can do about this.

Here is an example of what a shortened url scenario can be:


The above url can be shortened using shrty.link and can output as follows:


Shortening the above url is easier to remember and is more usable especially for someone that has a lot of links to manage and track with some shortened url analytics.

Examples of using short URLs

  • Statistically track link clicks
  • Shorter URLs make for easy sharing
  • Easily track email marketing links being clicked
  • Short links are easy to share on blogs and other social networks
  • Shortened URLs are easier to remember
  • Masking real URLs that contain affiliate information
  • Using short URLs in SMS messages
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