Why Shrty.link is better than all other url shorteners?

Shrty.link is a capable and impressive free url shortener

Real-Time Updates

You have the ability to view Real-time statistics of your shortened URL's this will give you the ability to track clicks by user's IP address, referrel website where the link is, user's location, device.

Short Url Service

Your custom short url is unique and easy to share with the ability to take a long url and make it shorter is very helpful and more friendlier for sharing on blogs and social media sites.

Location Tracking

With the geo tracking you have full access to the location of the clicks on your shortened url. This helps a lot especially if you are specifically targeting a specific location.

Shortening your url will never expire using Shrty.link and will always be available, unless if you decide to remove the shortened url.

We hope you enjoy using the best url shortened and may your links receive many clicks.